Anthem for the 47% "What's Wrong With America"

Anthem for the 47% “What’s Wrong With America”

Rolling Stone Magazine has outed Tom with a leaked video:

 In a hilarious response to Mitt Romney’s hidden camera 47% video, folksinger Tom Rush released a clip of him singing the delightfully sarcastic “What’s Wrong with America” at a mock fundraiser. “I am shocked and mortified,” Rush wrote on his website. “I was at a fundraiser, simply making some off-the-cuff remarks to a few of the high rollers, trying to explain my position on the state of the country. Well, it was captured by a hidden camera – the scallywags have no shame! I was being perhaps a bit too candid and now the whole thing’s been posted on YouTube. Very embarrassing! I probably could have expressed myself better, but there you have it.”