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The muse has been visiting a lot lately, and I’m going down to Nashville in early May to record a new album of self-penned songs (this has never happened before—I’ve always done a mix of other people’s material and a few of my own). In olden times this would have been funded by a Big Record Company, and they would have wanted a lien on your soul and a second mortgage on your first-born son. (There might be a song in there!) Read the full story . . .

Symphony Hall Tickets – December 27, 2012

Why you should sign up – the “Dead Burd” song

If you haven’t already joined the mailing list – here’s a sample of the kind of humor and social commentary you’ll receive on a not too spammy basis. You’ll also get to know the next time Tom will be playing near you of course!


The video is an excerpt from “Tom Rush Celebrates 50 Years of Music” – a concert at Boston’s Symphony Hall, December 28, 2012, released as a two disk CD/DVD available now from the online store.


Here Tom performs “What I Know”, (Used by Permission, All Rights Reserved). Produced by Ezzie Films LLC and BlueStar Media Inc. A special “Pledge Programming” edition aired June 4, 2013 on WGBH & NHPTV.


Tom Rush "No Regrets" - trailer

Celebrating 50 years in Music

50 Years of Music cover art ACelebrating his 50th year of singing, Tom appeared in a gala show at Symphony Hall, Boston, on December 28th, 2012. The performance featured Jonathan Edwards, Buskin & Batteau, Dom Flemons, Trevor Veitch, Eric Lillequist, Dean Adrien, Joe Mennonna, Marshall Rosenberg, Paul Guzzone and special guest David Bromberg. The performance was streamed live on the web, and was recorded for special DVD/CD 2-disc set, available now in our store.

For the occasion of his 50th, Tom has also re-released two CDs of earlier work, Tom Rush at the Unicorn (1962) and Live at Symphony Hall (Originally released in 2001). The latter contains selections from the album “New Year Live at Symphony Hall”, originally released in 1982, and “Late Night Radio”, released in 1984. Both are available in the online store.

Tom Rush Live in the studio on New Hampshire Public Radio

Tom Rush Live in the studio on New Hampshire Public Radio

New Hampshire Public Radio program hosted by Tom starts by playing “Easy to Please” and tells the story of how he picked it up by listening to Ed Holstein from Chicago. They talk about his connection to New Hampshire and the upcoming Boston Symphony Hall, Club 47 Show. Have a listen here in the player below, or from

Read the full story . . .