Tom Rush - Singer-Songwriter

Launch of a New Album campaign!!

Gang –

The muse has been visiting a lot lately, and I’m going down to Nashville in early May to record a new album of self-penned songs (this has never happened before—I’ve always done a mix of other people’s material and a few of my own). In olden times this would have been funded by a Big Record Company, and they would have wanted a lien on your soul and a second mortgage on your first-born son. (There might be a song in there!)

Nowadays, through the magic of PledgeMusic, a musician can ask the music-lovers to support the project—and that’s where you come in: I’m offering a dazzling array of enticements, from a monogrammed guitar pick to a private concert, to motivate you to get involved.

So please take a moment to visit PledgeMusic to learn more, and check out the awesome lineup of extras for those that support the project.

Thanks so much for getting involved!

Tom Rush