The Daily Country asks Tom about songwriting and "Voices"

Birthday Bash & First Annual Farewell Tour

This year, Tom celebrates his birthday and the launch of his First Annual Farewell Tour!

Tom hasn’t been backed by a full band in decades and he’ll be breathing new life into old favorites that need a band, debuting some brand-new songs, telling stories that are mostly true or better-than-true!

Saturday, February 8th (Tom’s Birthday)
Portsmouth, NH (Tom’s Birthplace)
With Guest Artists
Joyce Andersen
Matt Nakoa, and
The Rushmores!

Guest Artists

Joyce Andersesen may need no introduction. She’s a very talented, high-energy multi-instrumentalist who will be doing some songs on her own and backing me up on a few more — I can’t wait!


Matt Nakoa has been on stage with me for the past 5 years. An  amazingly talented young man. (I expect I’ll be opening shows for him before too long.)


The Rushmores are a group of very talented musicians that live in the area and get together from time to time (on my birthday for the past few years, and at random other times) and do songs that I’ve recorded — their own arrangements, mind you, they’re not trying to mimic my versions of the songs. For this show, however, we will be trying to get as close as we can to my original recordings.

Photo Credit: William Campbell


Tickets are avaliable through


South Church, 292 State Street,
Portsmouth, NH
7 PM, Saturday, February 8th

Google Map for South Church Unitarian Universalist Church
South Church Unitarian Universalist Church
292 State Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
United States
(603) 436-4762
Tom Rush Birthday Bash
7 PM, Saturday, February 8th
Tickets at or 603-373-0499


If you’re coming in from out of town (and many will be) you can search for local hotels at (or whatever booking platform you favor).

We do have a deal at the Hilton Garden Inn at 100 High St, Portsmouth, NH, for a discount on a few rooms. Click on the link and  Or call (603) 431-1499 and ask for Amanda or Keelynn — tell ‘em you want the Tom Rush Concert rate. First-come-first-served!



Tom Performs "Wasn't That a Mighty Storm"

Another Kitchen Table Recording: For Siena


Just a brief one — it’s getting increasingly hard to find things to joke about given what’s going on in this great land of ours right now. I may have to convert to being a Protest Singer after all!

Here’s a sort-of-new song (sorry only for email list subscribers!). I wrote this as a poem for Siena when she was little and soon forgot all about it.

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New Song: "Life is Fine"

Another Song & “The Cable Guy Comeith”


Just settling into my summer writing retreat, getting things hooked up. Have you ever noticed that every single cable guy who comes to do an install or repair says he can’t believe the last guy did it that way? I suspect surgeons feel the same but have the good sense to keep it to themselves. Presidents, on the other hand, behave more like cable guys.

Gearing up for my annual trip to the Other Coast — 5 shows in CA, one in AZ, back home. I thought things were supposed to slow down at a certain age. I guess I’m not there yet.

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The Daily Country asks Tom about songwriting and "Voices" 1

New Song

April 2019


Just a quick note. I’ve been doing a lot of writing in the past weeks and have even more new songs to try out on audiences this weekend and next (along with the old favorites, of course. (A song is never “done”, in my mind, until it’s tried out on a real, live audience — the only kind I play for.) Here’s a clip from one of my favorites, done at the kitchen table: Nothing But A Man. This only for you folks on the email list, because you’re special!!

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"No Regrets" 1968 Music Video 2

Birthday Resolutions


Sorry for the long silence. I thought life was supposed to slow down at a certain point, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

My life as a sit-com: This may be an extreme case of TMI, but I have a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. I’ll be staying tonight with a friend in the Boston area and he’s hosting a huge Super Bowl party — lots of food, lots of beer! My instructions are adamant that I can’t have solid food or alcohol all day today. And, the best part — I have to start drinking the dreaded prep poison, 8 oz every 10 minutes, starting precisely at kickoff. You think Tom Brady has challenges — I’ll be doing more running than he does!

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