Garden's Old, Flowers New (CD)

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These are Advance Copies of the new CD! Official Release is not until March 1st, 2024.

The album’s title, “Gardens Old, Flowers New,” is a line that appears in two of the songs here. I mean to convey the idea that many things in life — watching your child learn about the world, or falling in love — have happened millions on millions of times through the eons, but each time is always fresh and different.

    1 Sailing (3:40)
    2 Glory Road (2:24)
    3 Gimme Some of It (3:19)
    4 Nothin’ But A Man (3:15)
    5 If You Will Love Me (2:47)
    6 Lullaby in E (2:29)
    7 Toy Boat Song (2:58)
    8 One More Time Around the Sun (3:11)
    9 It All Comes Down to Love (3:57)
    10 Siena’s Song (4:14)
    11 The Harbor (3:28)
    12 To See My Baby Smile (4:42)
    13 Won’t Be Back at All (3:27)
    14 I Quit (2:35)

    Produced by Matt Nakoa

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