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New Song: "Life is Fine"

New Song: “Life is Fine”

So Tom let this little diddy leak out via the newsletter shortly before the 2014 Christmas Symphony Hall show. Matt Nakoa, who just happen to be near the studio was invited in to play on this track. Matt is a 2014 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Winner, and a multi-talented performer, and has been appearing with Tom on stage off and on ever since.

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Tom plays Mountain Stage

Tom plays Mountain Stage

NPR has posted Tom’s performance of the March 16,2010 performance at Mountain Stage.

A mainstay of the Boston folk movement of the ’60s, Rush is one of the performers for whom the term “singer-songwriter” was originally coined. He performs some of his greatest hits, and a choice cover, live on the program.


Tom Rush Live in the studio on New Hampshire Public Radio

Tom Rush Live in the studio on New Hampshire Public Radio

New Hampshire Public Radio program hosted by Tom starts by playing “Easy to Please” and tells the story of how he picked it up by listening to Ed Holstein from Chicago. They talk about his connection to New Hampshire and the upcoming Boston Symphony Hall, Club 47 Show. Have a listen here in the player below, or from

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