Trolling for Owls

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A collection of silly songs and stories that are mostly true (or better than true, having been polished, not unlike gemstones, in the tumbler of time).

  1. Makin’ the Best of a Bad Situation
  2. Moving to Wyoming*
  3. Shooting Coyotes*
  4. A Cowboy’s Paean
  5. Getting Married in Italy*
  6. If I Had a Boat
  7. Songs You Can’t Do Any More*
  8. Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
  9. Busted by the Boston Globe*
  10. Cell Phones and Beepers*
  11. Remember?
  12. Talking Western*
  13. Little Dogs*
  14. State of Arkansas
  15. Old Blevins
  16. New Hampshire Neighbors*
  17. Duncan and Brady

Tom’s songs and stories (*) recorded LIVE!

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