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PROBLEM SOLVED!! – November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014


Problem solved! I mentioned in my last missive that I was shrinking at a rate that, if it kept up apace, would have me disappearing altogether in 350 years. Desperation is the mother of invention (or something like that) and I’ve come up with a plan. If I eat copious amounts of chocolate and gain in girth what I’m losing in height, disaster can be averted. I’ve already begun — it seems to be working.

But there’s a new problem (it always works that way, doesn’t it?). Logic dictates that in 350 years, when my height has been squished down to zero, my waistline will necessarily have been squashed out to infinity. (I will not exist at all vertically, but will be infinite in the horizontal plane, which presents the question — can infinity be the same thing as zero?) This may 1) entail the destruction of the observable universe (hey … I’m sorry, OK?), or 2) nobody will even notice. In any event it will make it damned near impossible to get a seat on an airplane.

We all have plenty of time to get ready, so let’s focus on the near future:

The video documentary on yours truly, “Tom Rush — No Regrets,” is almost ready for release. For those of you in the greater Danbury, CT, area, there will be a screening Friday night, the 7th (tonight), at the Palace Theatre (you know it’s a classy joint because they spell it that way). Curtain’s at 8:00PM, but there’s a complimentary wine and cheese reception in the lobby starting at 7:00. Rob Stegman, the co-director and co-producer, and I will be there for a Q&A session after the movie, and maybe a couple of songs. (I’ll do the songs — Rob doesn’t sing as much as he ought to.)

Thursday the 13th it’s back to CT for the Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, a great venue with a LOT of history. Built in 1883 and exquisitely renovated, it’s reputedly haunted by a ghost named Vivian. I always dedicate a song to her, just to be on the safe side. Guitar wizard Adrian Legg is also on the bill and I’m hoping he’ll teach me a couple of licks.

Friday, the 14th will be the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA, (also a very classy joint, the spelling notwithstanding). One of my favorite stops; I only get there every few years, so it will be great to catch up with my Pennsylvania buddies.

And Sunday, the 15th I’ll be back at the First Unitarian Church in Brooklyn, NY, an absolutely stunning piece of architecture that also has great acoustics. (And I’ll get to tell my Unitarian joke!)

And we’re ON for Symphony Hall in Boston, Sunday, December 28 — mark your calendars. I’m not quite ready to announce who my guests will be, but I guarantee a night to remember! (Tickets are not yet available)

Thanks for reading. Get your firewood in, or head south.

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush

Link of the month: Doctors Without Borders seems to be one organization that’s addressing the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in an effective way. It’s in all our interests to support them every way we can!