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Symphony Hall Concert, Kickstarter & The Mouse – November 25, 2012

November 25, 2012

12_sym_poster.jpgSo! It appears that our Kickstarter campaign to fund the Symphony Hall show on December 28th was the 5th most successful music campaign they’ve ever done – not bad for the first time out! Amanda Palmer holds the number one slot but she’s cute, which I regard as a form of cheating. She also appears naked a lot, and I refuse to lower myself to cheap tricks like that. I have standards! Gang,

I have, however, seriously considered charging everybody an extra $20 to keep my clothes ON. This could work! A fellow at my school made a good deal of money by NOT chewing the head off a live mouse. It went like this: he announced that if everybody gave him $5 he was willing to chew the head off a live mouse. (This was, mind you, when $5 was $5, or at least $3.75.)

When he had the money in hand he produced his pet mouse and stuck its head in his mouth. As he began to chew, its little legs and tail thrashed about frantically and everybody in the audience blanched and cried “Ewww” in unison. He then announced that, for an additional $5 apiece, he would cease and desist, otherwise he would resume gnawing. The soggy-headed mouse looked at us imploringly. He cleared about $50 and the mouse lived to put on another show. Quite a team!

Speaking of Symphony Hall, the show on the 28th of December is going on sale tomorrow, Monday, November 26th, by phone (888-266-1200 or 617-266-1200, M-F: 10-6pm, Sat. 12-6pm ) or on the web ( – it may take a day or two for it to appear on their website.) It won’t be advertised until sometime next week, so you have a head start. Not many table seats left, good seats still open in the balconies. If you’re a Kickstarter supporter your tickets should be mailed out to you this week. Also, the CDs being reissued for this event are being manufactured as I write this and should ship to the Kickstarter folks well in time for Christmas.

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush

PS. I just got a notice from MacKenzie & Marr Guitars that they’re having a rather astounding Cyber Monday sale on the Tom Rush Signature guitar – check it out! (Note: this is not the Naked Lady guitar, but still a lovely instrument.)

Quote of the Month: Sorry, I couldn’t find a quote relating to chewing the head off a live mouse. And I looked hard!