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The Worst Gig I Ever Did – November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013


I don’t know what brings this to mind, but at one point I was working on a book to be called “The Worst Gig I Ever Did.” It was to be a compilation of stories from my colleagues and contemporaries about all the time things don’t go at all the way they should. I never got much farther than the title, but I did collect just a few anecdotes and one of the best was from David Wilcox.

Symphony Hall 2013 PosterHe told me he was playing a show at a VFW hall in Somewhere, Arkansas. Or maybe it was Alabama. Down There, in any case. The oldest living Veteran got up to introduce him and welcome the crowd. “We’re goin’ to have us a fine time here tonight,” he wheezed, “but before we get started I’d like y’all to rise.” The assemblage dutifully lurched to their feet. “Now the flag’s out being dry cleaned,” he continued, “but if y’all would just turn and face the Pepsi machine … we’ll pledge allegiance.”

The Symphony Hall show on Saturday, December 28th is coming along apace – the first ads should be hitting the media in the next day or so. The top tier tickets are almost gone and the rest are moving briskly. We’ve added more names to the roster: Sarah Lee Guthrie (Woody’s granddaughter and Arlo’s kid) and Johnny Irion will be joining us in the merriment. (As you will recall, the Kweskin Jug Band with Maria Muldaur, Geoff Muldaur and Bill Keith will be there, and Patty Larkin, and of course your humble servant, moi!) The link, again, is and the phone is 888-266-1200.

In the interim, just after Thanksgiving I’ll be in:

Portland, ME, One Longfellow Square on Friday, 12/6
Shirley, MA at the Bull Run on Saturday, 12/7 (with Eric Lilljequist and Dean Adrien – our annual get-together)
Fairfield, CT, Stage One on Sunday, 12/8

Have a great, and thankful, Thanksgiving!

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush

Link of the Month: Just in from Ted Williams by way of Renee. In case you think it’s as bad as it can get –

PS. For those of you who haven’t yet gotten around to buying a Naked Lady guitar, MacKenzie & Marr are having a pre-Christmas sale. Check it out!!