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Newsletter – May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011


It’s been a crazy few weeks. It was great to again be a part of the Prairie Home Companion show a couple of weeks ago. It was The Kid’s spring break, so we all went down to NYC for the week. They put us up on the 45th floor of a hotel right on Times Square, a corner room with windows looking down on the seething hordes. Quite a contrast to rural Vermont.

They have these gigantic electronic billboards showing young women writhing about in their underwear, which Renee and I found very disturbing. I actually think I was more disturbed than she was – couldn’t believe my eyes, really. I had to keep going to the window to confirm that I’d actually seen these upsetting images, sometimes getting up in the middle of the night just to check if they were still there. Shocking!

This is a very last-minute heads-up that I’ve got three Midwest shows in a row starting tonight: The Thrasher in Green Lake, WI; Saturday at the Cedar Center in Minneapolis; and Sunday night at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music. Come by and see me if you can.

Happy Spring!

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush