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Karmic Journey – August 6, 2010

August 6, 2010


I’m sad to report that Roo, one of the little dogs celebrated in the Trolling for Owls story and CD jacket, has moved along in her karmic journey. She was the family comedian, never missing a chance to settle down for a nap in a hamper of warm laundry, ever incredulous that anyone would NOT want to have her in their lap. She is very much missed.

One of the notes of consolation we’ve gotten evoked the image of her chasing rabbits in doggie heaven, which got me wondering if doggie heaven might be the same place as bunny hell. And what a bunny would have to do to be sent there. Too much for my little brain. Religious wars have been started over lesser questions and so, since the world is discordant enough already, I’ll move on. (I’d hate it if historians were to note that “The BunnyHell Conflict of 2010, marking the end of the Old Civilization, was actually sparked by a casual email from an obscure folksinger.”)

For whatever reason this seems to be the Year of the Private Event. I’ve done birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and fundraisers and there’s a wedding coming up. This is all delightful for me, but since I’m drawing the line at 50 shows a year these days (my bride rolls her eyes – “ONLY 50!”) it leaves less public dates to share with y’all. The upside it that it gives me the luxury of picking only the most extra special situations – ones I think you’d really enjoy. For instance:

!!FREE!! This Saturday, the 7th, afternoon, outdoors by the sea at the Scituate Harbor Heritage Festival, 2:30 PM in Scituate, MA, (following two acts called “Girls, Guns and Glory” and “The Fools” – can’t wait!)

Wednesday the 11th, a fundraising event for Boston’s WUMB, with Kenny White and Judy Collins. I believe this is only for sale at the station’s website. Buskin & Batteau will be joining me for this one, just like in the old days. I haven’t worked with these guys for quite a while, and it’s a treat to which I’m very much looking forward.

Thursday the 12th, an outdoor show for 802-649-1143innkeeper (yes, the phone number is part of the email address) or call 802-649-1143 and ask about the “Tom Rush Special”.

Later in the month, on Saturday the 28th, I’ll be returning to Cheney Hall (no relation) in Manchester, CT, a wonderful venue for folks in the greater Hartford area.

And last for the month, but far from least, ROCKPORT, MA ON SUNDAY! the 29th. Do you think I should perhaps put “Rockport Sunday” on the set list? The Shalin Liu Performance Center is a new venue there that I’m told is marvelous. Buy Tickets.

Hope to see you at one of these, or more!

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush

Link of the month: this is just amazing, and makes you appreciate what a grand land we live in. It’s a bit long, but hang in for the part where he says, “I try not to smile ‘cause I got my teeth knocked out by a chainsaw.”

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