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The Mysteries of Medical Terminology – April 3, 2014

April 3, 2014


I have a friend who was recently diagnosed with “Irritable Bowel Syndrome,” and it got me to wondering about medical terminology. I mean, these guys go to school for decades just so they can get to name conditions like this. If they’re really lucky they may get to have their very own name indelibly associated with some horribly depressing condition!

But are they telling my friend his bowel is grumpy? (And shouldn’t it be plural?) Are they going to be able to restore him to a Cheerful Bowel Condition? (“Sunny Bowel” probably wouldn’t work since that is, after all, “where the sun don’t shine.”) Other candidates might be “Up-Beat,” “Jolly” or “Perky Bowel.” But think about it: if you were a bowel wouldn’t you be grumpy? I mean, given what you’d have to deal with day in, day out? It would be enough to put anybody in a bad mood! I’m just sayin’ … it’s something to think about.

After a blissful month at home with the family I’m off on the road again with a couple of new songs, heading southward.

Friday, April 4th is the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, PA. 7 PM show.

Saturday, April 5th, the The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. 7:30 PM show.

Sunday, April 6th, the Rams Head, Annapolis, MD. 7:30 PM show.


Spring is coming — hang in there!

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush

Quote of the month: “They certainly give very strange names to diseases.” – Plato