Easter Morning Surprise! - April 1, 2013

Easter Morning Surprise! – April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

We live in such a friendly neighborhood! Some kind person dropped off this basket of kittens on our front porch in the middle of the night. I’ll bet they figured I’d think they were from the Easter Bunny, but I’m not stupid. I know the Bunny lays chocolate eggs and sometimes, if you’re lucky, Peeps. These little guys are so cute and frisky – I can’t wait to introduce them to our puppy!

A kitchen tip from your pal, Tom:
Have you ever tried putting Peeps in the microwave? Spectacular! In about 10 seconds they start looking like Marlon Brando.

Some gigs coming up this weekend:

Friday, April 5th at 8:00PM, the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. This wonderful theater was closed for years and years while they figured out how to come up with the money to upgrade the safety features of the building to comply with the new codes. It’s all done, safer than ever, and they’re back in business.

Saturday, April 6th at 7:30PM, I’ll be at the Chandler in Randolph, Vermont. I haven’t been there for some years and am very much looking forward to coming back – a great venue!

And stop by the website, now featuring the newly reissued “Live at the Unicorn,” (my very first album,1962) and “New Year,” from the first of my Club 47 shows at Symphony Hall in ‘81 (though I hadn’t yet started calling them Club 47 shows). (The DVD from last December’s “50 Years on Stage” show is coming along very nicely in post-production and should be ready “soon.” That’s as specific as I feel I can get.)

Happy springtime!

All the best,

Tom Rush

Tom Rush

Quote of the month:

If you can’t get a miracle, a disaster will do.

–– William S. Burroughs