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Getting Political


I try very hard not to get political, on the notion that I’m trying to provide an oasis for folks from whatever problems they’re facing in their lives, a bit of respite from the tribulations. But there comes a point when you just have to speak up.

We have men and women in the armed forces around the world sworn to risk their very lives to defend this country. By contrast, we have men and women purporting to represent us in Washington who, when faced with a clear and present danger to our nation, are afraid to even risk their jobs.

Make no mistake, if the abominable behavior in DC is allowed to become the “new normal,” the America we love is over and done with. We have been invaded from within, a more insidious threat than an army at the gates, but every bit as dire. (It can be argued, in fact, that we indeed have been invaded by Russia.)

New album "Voices"
New album “Voices”

We the People are the only ones who can make America great again, to coin a phrase. Grab your pen, your keyboard, your phone and tell them, “No, this is not the America we want.” Call, write, tweet, text, march, and above all—VOTE!

There, I feel better. To celebrate, I’m going South, to Florida and Georgia. Come see me if you can, send a friend if you can’t!

The very first copies of the new “Voices” CD should be available at these shows and should be in the mail in the coming days for those of you who pledged on PledgeMusic. “Voices” will also be available soon, along with other goodies in the newly re-opened Tom Rush Online Store. And speaking of PledgeMusic, thank you to all who pledged, and especially these folks!


Upcoming Shows:
The ultra-talented Matt Nakoa will be joining me for all these shows, except perhaps the last on the list.

Friday, February 9th: this one really tickles me: on the day after my birthday (I’ll be 23 again), at the Dance Hall in Kittery, ME, a bunch of local musicians, calling themselves the Rushmores, have arranged an evening of Tom Rush songs. They set this up before they realized that my family and I had moved to the area. I’ve bought my tickets. I’ll be the one in the third row with the Groucho Marx glasses. This should be fun!

There are even more dates coming up, so check out the website for full details.

Thanks for reading,

Tom Rush


Quote of the month:
“You’re not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can’t face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.”
–– Malcolm X, speech, 1/7/1965